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These General Conditions of Sale ( hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions" ) govern only contractual relations between customers of bamboospeaker.com website ( hereafter referred to as " Customer ") and the seller bamboospeaker.com , belonging to the company bamboospeaker CO . , LIMITED. These Terms and Conditions are the only ones to be applied and replace all other conditions, except in the case of express written consent . bamboospeaker may be can to change some of these provisions, it is therefore recommended to customers to read the terms and conditions of the site at each visit www.bamboospeaker.com . Every purchase on the Site is subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable on the date of the order. bamboospeaker confident that, once validated the order, the Customer has read and unreservedly accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Customers agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use detailed on the same .

Before you send any item for return , please read and follow the instructions here sotto.Per more information or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service . Ensure to understand and respect our rules and policies for the return before sending physically the product.


bamboospeaker is not liable for any loss or damage, direct and / or indirect, arising from the sale of goods and services offered in the catalog published on the site www.bamboospeaker.com including delayed and / or non-delivery of the product, for the correspondence of goods to the specifications published on this site, nor 'any other circumstances not directly attributable to bamboospeaker CO., LTD., LIMITED.

Technical Information

The technical information bring on the website www.bamboospeaker.com , are derived from information published by manufacturers of goods in our catalog. bamboospeaker , therefore, reserves the right to change / adapt the technical and dimensional product catalog , based on what will be announced by the manufacturers without notice .

Product Availability

In the catalog published on the site www.bamboospeaker.com , since ' access to and the ability to submit orders  is on-line on real -time and this can realize changes in the availability of the product, bamboospeaker.com does not guarantee the certainty of allocation of goods ordered, while ensuring shipping of order in the shortest time possible. bamboospeaker also will not determined in any way responsiblebamboospeaker for any delay logistical dependent on third parties or services provided by partner companies.

Risk and Property

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer, with the courier presence, is required to verify integrity of packages and correspondence with the quantity and quality as specified in the document guide. In case of discrepancy, the same should be reported on the same companion document with courier presence and confirmed within seven days by  email at davina@bamboospeaker.com enclosing photographic documentation.
Also if the packaging is intact, the marches will be verified within seven days of receipt. Any hidden defects must be reported in writing by e- email. Each alert over these terms will not be considered For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for the statements.


Check the No. of packages you're getting : it must be the same as marked on the shipping document ( or delivery courier ) ;

Check the labels on the packages: must include your name and address;

Check the status of the parcels: must not show any damage nor to have been tampered with (eg, closed with not original tape but OF the carrier, damaged packaging ) .

ALWAYS say reservation about that the package is accepted but before signing the document must write " I accept with reservation" , it will be possible once you open the package and found it damaged, notify the carrier within 24 hours which can not ' refuse the dispute.

Caution : If the parcel is not ' been accepted by reservation, the carrier does not answer for the claim because considered as a product delivered regularly.

 Reject the damaged goods if you can not accept the parcel with reservation or if the damage is visible without opening the pack

Write an e -mail to davina@bamboospeaker.com describing what happened in the next 24 hours indicating the order number and shipping tracking

In the event that the courier accept the claim, please note that the refund must ' always be prepared by the carrier (claim is authorizhed by the carrier and NOT from bamboospeaker.com ) .


Orders are accepted only on-line by www.bamboospeaker.com website. The customer sends the order via the Internet will receive, at the end of the procedure, a notice confirming the order by electronic mail ( E-mail) , with an indication of the order number , assuming that after sending the order , does not appear ( a few minutes) your order number , the proposal shall be deemed as not accepted, for all effect law , although for accounting, administration or lack of prodotto. Some images or video on our website may be representative anddifferent from reality.


The goods must be paid for in the manner specified in section PAYMENTS . Unless other conditions must be agreed in writing, bamboospeaker, reserves the right, in its sole discretion , not to proceed with the shipment of the goods, even after accepting order, to those customers who are out of credit , debt, or in litigation.


The characteristics of the products are listed in the online catalog . At the time of purchase, the customer has read them. Product images shown are indicative and are only intended to represent the article. The colors may not be faithful to what show on the monitor. The appearance may differ from what may be reported in the eventual product photography, for example, if the manufacturers decide to renew the packaging , the packaging or the graphics of the products. In addition, according to the country of marketing the product may present variations from the aesthetic point of view .

Canceling Orders

If an order is canceled before of shipping or that bamboospeaker has made or placed the order processing status " PREPARATION IN PROGRESS " and in any case within 24 hours upon successful completion of the order, you will be refunded the full amount without any fee applicable.

NB: If the parcel is instead ' already been shipped or put into processing ( which means that we have entrusted to the courier or your order status is " PREPARATION IN PROGRESS") is not ' possible to cancel the order

Rates & Charges Customs

The prices listed on the site are in USD or in other currencies but do not include delivery charges unless expressly indicate. I where prices can be changed at any time without notice. For the shipment directly from Shenzhen , any customs fees (taxes and/or duty) are payable by the customer or recipient.

Litigation and liability

bamboospeaker will in no case be held responsible for the non-finalization of the contract for reasons of force majeure, such those defined by the courts in Shenzhen, the responsibility of the customer or third parties. Recall that it is prudent and advisable to proceed to the safeguarding of data contained in the products purchased. bamboospeaker can not be held liable for damage resulting from misuse of the products sold on the Site

Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between the consumer and bamboospeaker.com are governed by the law of China. Any dispute concerning, arising out of or related to these General Terms and Conditions shall be referred to the competent Court of the registered office of bamboospeaker CO., LTD., which is elected by all intents and purposes, the Court of China, at variance with the law.